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We are a team of health and fitness professionals -- trainers, nutritionist and counselors-- whose major goal is to guide individuals to making the best of their bodies.  We will walk you step-by-step through a routine crafted just for you, based on the principals of muscle confusion, flexibility and core strength.



Shawn Rogers was turned onto fitness while serving in the U.S. Army. Age 18, almost 50 pounds overweight and with no idea how to become fit, he didn't like his body and it was affecting his confidence and self esteem. But, the Army provided Shawn with the discipline and direction he needed and he was able to take off the weight. Even though he maintained his fitness routine after he left the service, he found himself focusing more on making a living than living a healthy life. On the morning of September 11, 2001, he got a wake-up call.  As he ran to seek cover from the collapsing buildings, he was stunned to find he could barely manage a couple of blocks.That’s when Shawn decided it was time to reclaim his health. He quit his job in lower Manhattan and decided to find a job that would allow for a more flexible schedule. The road to good health started slowly, but eventually it gained momentum when he hired a .  personal trainer who was so impressed by Shawn’s passion for fitness that  he suggested Shawn become a trainer himself.  After working at several premier gyms in New York City, Shawn started his own company, Your Body Your Machine (YBYM).

Good Morning America co-anchor Diane Sawyer, Shawn’s client of almost two years, approached Shawn to help several of the GMA staff members reach their fitness and health goals. He accepted the challenge and the GMA Fit Club was born. Shawn revamped the GMA food pantry and the eating habits of the staff members as their progress was tracked periodically on-air. In less than a year, fit clubbers shed up to 60 pounds and 10 inches!   Shawn has achieved the same success with clients as varied as nurses and correction officers. When George Stephanopoulos joined GMA, Shawn signed on as his personal trainer.
Shawn’s goal is to take all of his clients on their own incredible journey. Each client is treated to a personalized program, which includes: an introductory trip to the supermarket for a thorough assessment of the “good” and “bad” foods lurking in the aisles, a fitness routine created based on the client’s abilities, and a comprehensive plan for weight loss and nutrition.

 “You’ve only got one body. Use it wisely,” says Rogers.  “Your body is your machine.....and it’s all you need.  I want to go into corporate America and help the hard working American.....the mom and dad who think they don't have the time to take care of themselves because family does come first. But we have to be healthy not just for ourselves but for our children.  Fitness starts with them. This mission of helping the hard working American can be seen most recently with the relationship of YBYM and Dherbs and their annual New Year New You Contest.  YBYM will be providing three months of personal training in conjunction with products provided from Dherbs to help the contestant recreate themselves by eating healthier, thinking healthier and living healthier.


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